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Mar 11, 2018 · Gmail app e-mail composing screen. The Gmail app has a clean interface consisting of three text boxes asking you to enter the e-mail recipient, the subject, and the main message respectively. Alternatively, it has a one-tap option to include attachments into the e-mail.

It’s been a rocky few years for Yahoo, but recent app revamps could mark a change in fortunes. Since upgrading to Mojave 10.14.4, Gmail continuously goes offline in Apple Mail. Only solution so far is to close Mail and restart.

Google has recently added IMAP as an available protocol for their GMail. This is a long awaited feature for GMail users (not just GMail iPhone users) as it allows for true synchronization between GMail and offline mail readers. UPDATE: Now iPhone users can simply choose "GMail" from the list of built-in accounts when adding a new email account. iOS mail app - no delete option with some… - Apple Community Aug 30, 2017 · I have the following issue with iOS 10 mail app on iPhone SE. I have two accounts set up in the mail app, an university account and a Gmail account. The strage thing is that the app seems to behave different with each account. Specifically mails from GMail don't offer in the mail list the left swipe option to delete the mail (but only to

The best iPhone email app: Outlook — The Sweet Setup Aug 15, 2017 · After looking at the wide range of third-party apps, Outlook is the best iPhone email app, and it’s the one we recommend as your first choice when moving away from the built-in iOS client. With a focused inbox option, snooze options, a built-in calendar, and a wide range of support for various email systems, it’s simply the best. What's the best email app for iPhone? - 9to5Mac Aug 26, 2018 · Edison Mail is a great email app for the iPhone. One of the features I’ll praise is how fast it is. It includes an Assistant feature to help you organize your mail automatically. - How to get Gmail Categories in macOS Mail app

18 Jun 2016 A former Apple tech explains why your Gmail password won't work iPad, and how to fix the problem so your email loads in the Mail app. Another reason why Gmail may not be working on your iPhone or iPad is that IMAP 

Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Outlook and iCloud (formerly MobileMe) and it supports Exchange. iOS features a mobile version of Apple Mail with added Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support, though it notoriously missed the functionality of attaching… Email clients include smartphones and, less strictly, IMAP personal computer mail applications.

30 Sep 2019 popular mail providers like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, to get your mail from a custom Host Name – that would be your IMAP Host (incoming) and SMTP Host (outgoing) Your custom email is found on the iOS Mail app  Learn how to add your account to a mail app on your computer to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, an Android device, or a Windows phone. account to a different device or app, you'll need the POP, IMAP, Gmail app. Swipe in from the left side of the screen and select Settings > Add account. 14 Jun 2010 John writes: How can I get to work over IMAP with Gmail Now you can setup your mail clients, including your Mac and your iPhone.

13 Nov 2019 There are two ways you can set up an email account in the Mail app on your iOS device Choose IMAP or POP for your new account. If you  23 Oct 2007 Learn how to set up Gmail IMAP on the iPhone in about a minute. 14 Oct 2019 In this video I show you how to set up your Gmail on your iPhone. downloading the free Gmail app or you can do it inside the Mac Mail App. Read and send mail from Yahoo, Hotmail, and other email addresses using the Gmail app, instead of forwarding your mail. Set up IMAP and change your SMTP settings to read Gmail messages in other mail clients, like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. When you use IMAP, you can